1. 6 days ago

    TestoUltra I body enhancement says in as his interests got you've gotten how much work have you gotten done on your I %ah just realized that word I my plan intended I know but not more men are now getting enhancements on body parts and body parts you what are we talking what we talk felt dizzy body parts would would you what's The first word that comes to mind when I see body parts yeah it's alright I want I anyway so when we come back we're going to introduce our guest and I and their body enhances rent talk about why they do with a deal but it's not something that's not noticed by people it's not something that you have done even though it's that area The body that all you and let's say your significant other are enjoying for The moment everybody knows what's going on here what does anybody know when a woman gets a big boob job I just sitting on their chest right there and they are noticed right we're not already a row at our paths like gloriously hangin out yeah it's a very popular thing now I knew it we got it you know I'm I thought we I was in touch and I'm not but I need to get I I thought I knew everything sky apparently had no we're gonna learn some here everybody's gotta learn something II will be back here surely yes back what were you thinking that area skies this show that gets to The core of all The ball but Thursday night pm Pacific pm Eastern you know we TestoUltra here at The studio are really athletic guys and as a result we're always pulling this over stressing that you know how it goes you get hurt from time to time or you just sleep wrong and wake up with some sort of Baker pain but no matter what The situation is we choose who we consider to be one of The best chiropractors in LA doctor check my left headaches backaches neck aches he's The guy we trust with our pain doctor mooreede is located body structure in Hollywood California on Cole Street across from golds gym seriously we know this guy he's got The experience and expertise Andy carers that's doctor chat Millett give them a call at are looking upon The web it body structure LA dot com or you can find The money I'll doctor chat more left he's The guy we trust with their pain from The darkness be low in intense in thrilling game by The creators that code source bringing deal to me Gundam game directly to your devices gone numb speed runner wilkey now ..


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