esoTalk 1.0.0g4 Released

17 May 2014

After a huge amount of work over the past couple of months, gamma 4 is finally ready. This release contains a large number of enhancements, bug-fixes, and breaking API changes.


Get your hands on gamma 4 at Upgrade instructions are included in the readme.

Note that many of the plugins packaged with gamma 3 have been extracted into their own repositories under the esoTalk GitHub account. The old gamma 3 versions of these plugins will not work with gamma 4, so you will need to delete/upgrade them.


  • Redesigned default skin
  • Redesigned installer
  • Refine forum privacy settings so that global forum access can be restricted to registered members
  • Option to require administrator approval for new members
  • Improved member list search: names that contain (not just start with) the terms appear, groups that match the start of the terms are included, and both members and groups are matched for the same term
  • Improvements to the timeline scrubber


All plugins except for BBCode, Debug, Emoticons, and SMTP have been extracted from the core package into separate repositories, and will now be versioned separately. See the esoTalk GitHub account to download them. Highlights since the gamma 3 versions are:

API Changes

  • Prefix controller actions with action_ #191
  • Plugin action methods must be prefixed with action_
  • Renamed ETPlugin::getView to view and ETPlugin::getResource to resource
  • Added ETPlugin::file method
  • Added ETPlugin::boot method
  • Improved handling of plugin settings
  • Update third-party libraries #180
  • Make join and login forms extensible #215

Bug Fixes

  • Fix fatal error when deleting a channel with no conversations in it #129
  • Disallow gambit searches in robots.txt
  • Add various missing language definitions
  • Make ETForm::getValue return $default instead of empty string #147
  • Fix "mark as read" redirection issue #140
  • Change “Filter conversations…” to “Search conversations…”
  • Fix some instances where a username is not outputted through name()
  • Add more friendly error message for when a post can't be edited because someone has since replied
  • Fix replies not being immediately editable in some instances
  • Make youtube embeds work over https #138
  • Add error handling on version.txt and blog feed #181
  • Fix email confirmation hash problems #178
  • Fix primary key column name issue #167
  • Username links retain the preceding @ symbol #163
  • Fix caching problems when switching skins #159
  • Automatically follow private conversation on creation #202
  • Draft conversations cannot be deleted by non-moderator users #196
  • Lower minimum number of characters for @mention to 2 #146
  • Add CSRF protection for logout #247
  • Fix transient 404 on conversation deletion #245
  • Add warning when discarding a saved draft or reply #235
  • Fix error when discarding empty conversation #223
  • Load language defintions earlier in bootstrap process #227
  • Rename "mute conversation" to "ignore conversation"
  • Various other tweaks and bug fixes