What's Ahead for esoTalk?

3 May 2015

esoTalk is being succeeded by Flarum. Flarum has the same philosophy as esoTalk — fast, simple, powerful — but is being built on a better technical foundation.

Flarum will be ready for beta in a few months. There will be an easy migration path from esoTalk to Flarum.

In the meantime, esoTalk will get bugfix releases as necessary, relying on help from the community.

As Flarum becomes stable, esoTalk will be discontinued.

What's wrong with esoTalk?

esoTalk is great, but its codebase is unsustainable. It is built on a custom pseudo-framework which means a lot of wheels are being reinvented. Its potential is limited by the many inherent flaws of this approach. This is a fundamental issue that is addressed in Flarum.

Should I use esoTalk?

If you can't wait for Flarum, you can still use esoTalk now. We will ensure that there is an easy migration path from esoTalk to Flarum.