10 Hidden Features in esoTalk

11 March 2013

One of the core philosophies behind esoTalk is to make it very simple and easy-to-use on the surface — to keep the interface uncluttered and the default feature-set limited to avoid bloat. However, there is a lot of unobtrusive hidden functionality which gives esoTalk a bit of power without breaking this philosophy.

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The Future of esoTalk

18 January 2012

A couple of months ago, I released the "new version of esoTalk", known as esoTalk gamma. It was relatively well-received by esoTalk's small community; I was quite confident in the product, and excited to keep developing and see where it went.

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An Introduction to esoTalk's Code

16 November 2011

When rewriting esoTalk, I had two goals in mind: to make the code straightforward and easy to understand, and to make the code easily extensible. Achieving these things would encourage developers to contribute and collaborate on the core code, and extend the software by writing plugins and skins.

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The State of esoTalk: Roadmap

14 November 2011

Today, esoTalk 1.0.0g1 was released. This version is very much a beta—it's unfinished, unstable, and buggy. Nevertheless, I'm glad to finally get the new version out into the open, especially in a state where things should be able to move forward quite quickly. This is where I'll hopefully see my months and months of hard work start to pay off!

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Aggregating JavaScript & CSS

5 November 2011

Welcome to the new and not-so-improved esoTalk blog! For anyone reading who doesn't know, esoTalk is free, open-source forum software which is currently in development. I'm Toby, the person developing it. This blog is about my experiences doing so. It will also probably end up being a place where I go to vent my frustration with Internet Explorer. But I'm sure that's interesting enough, right?

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