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esoTalk provides a class called ETFormat which is responsible for converting plain-text input to HTML output. The formatter must first be initialized with a string of text to be formatted. To format the string, simply call the format method. You can then retrieve the formatted HTML using the get method. Methods can be chained.

Formatting A String

$text = "Foo\n\nBar\n\";

$formatter = ET::formatter();

$html = $formatter->get(); // <p>Foo</p><p>Bar</p><p><a href=''></a>

By default, the following formatting methods are called in order by the format method. They can also be called individually.

Method Description
mentions Convert @mentions into user profile links
quotes Convert [quote] tags into <blockquote>s
links Convert URLs and email addresses into hyperlinks
lists Convert bulleted and numbered lists into <ul>s and <ol>s
whitespace Convert whitespace into <p>s and <br>s

Additional tasks can be performed on the string before HTML is retrieved.

Highlighting Words In A String

$formatter->highlight(array("foo", "bar"));

Clipping A String

$formatter->clip(200); // characters

The formatter has an "inline" mode which restricts what is formatted. In inline mode, only unobtrusive inline formatting (hyperlinks) will take place. To turn inline mode on, use the inline method on the formatter after initialization.

Turning On Inline Mode