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Whenever you output language to the page in esoTalk code, you should run it through the localization function, T(). This allows the application to be consistently translated into different languages. Default language definitions are stored in addons/languages/English/definitions.php.

The T function accepts two arguments: (1) the string to translate, and (2) a default value if the translation has not been defined in the current language. If (2) is omitted, the value of (1) is used as the default.

Translating A String

$translation = T("Click on a member's name to remove them.");

Translating A String Or Returning A Default Translation

$message = T("message.conversationNotFound", "The conversation was not found.");

The T() function is an alias for ET::translate().

Localization can also be performed in JavaScript using an identical T() function. For more information on how this works, see JavaScript.

Default values can also be defined using the ET::define method. They will only be used as a fallback if a definition does not exist in the current language, unless a third parameter is set to true.

Defining A Default Translation

ET::define("message.conversationNotFound", "The conversation was not found.");