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The ETSession object provides functions to handle all operations relating to the current user session. For starters, the session object provides a wrapper to store and retrieve values from the session.

Storing A Value In The Session

ET::$session->store("key", "value");

Retrieving A Value From The Session

$value = ET::$session->get("key", "default");

The session object is also the point of access for getting information about the currently logged-in user, and performing operations and checks on that user.

Determining If A User Is Logged In

if (ET::$session->userId) {
    // Logged in. User accessible via ET::$session->user
} else {
    // Not logged in

Getting A User's Preference

$value = ET::$session->preference("key", "default");

Setting The User's Preferences

ET::$session->setPreferences(array("key" => "value"));

Determining If The User Is An Administrator

$admin = ET::$session->isAdmin();