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A skin class should be defined in skin.php. The class name must be the name of the skin (same as the skin folder) prefixed with ETSkin_. It must extend the ETSkin class. It will contain a few methods which allow the skin to add its resources to the page.

Defining A Skin Class

class ETSkin_ExampleSkin extends ETSkin {
    // ...


Resources can be added to the page by setting up an init event handler. Just define a method called handler_init:

public function handler_init($controller)
    // Add resources to the $controller here...

Inside of this method, you can add as many resources to the controller as you want. Just be sure to wrap any filenames with the resource class method.

Adding A CSS File

$controller->addCSSFile($this->resource("styles.css"), true);


esoTalk's core views are located in core/views, as discussed in Controllers & Views. These views can be easily overridden by skins. Simply place the appropriate indentical file/folder structure in the views directory of a skin, and esoTalk will scan for and find it automatically when the view is rendered.

File/Folder Structure To Override A View

--  views/
------  default.master.php