The State of esoTalk

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  2. 7 years ago

    How long the new edition

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  4. @Toby, Which PHP framework were you building it on?

  5. Toby

    11 May 2012 Administrator

    Laravel .

  6. Sounds Interesting. I started study Laravel. I have 3 years codeigniter experience and 6 months fuelphp experiece. But Laravel sounds better. May be I can help you on this.

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  8. Keen to assist in continued development of this project.
    It has major potential

    have forked on github

  9. Thanks

  10. Tears

    8 Jun 2012 Moderator

    A friend of mine and I also forked esoTalk. I fixed a bug and I'm going to fix some more, because I love esoTalk. My friend is finishing his Dutch translation.

  11. If you forked mine I will merge changes back in so at least us 3 can be in sync.
    otherwise not sure perhaps we can still merge.

  12. Tears

    11 Jun 2012 Moderator

    @samsong If you forked mine I will merge changes back in so at least us 3 can be in sync.
    otherwise not sure perhaps we can still merge.

    I forked the original esoTalk-git, and I don't understand the other part of your post. Could you please explain it some more?

  13. 6 years ago

    Hi there @Tears,

    I'm wondering where I can find the Dutch translation your friend made.
    I just started translating it myself but it would be foolish if a Dutch translation already exists!

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Missed this conversation... I've also forked the project... username: xwiz Will be updating soon...

  15. @Tears, are your dutch language files anyway on github?

  16. 5 years ago

    @Toby Ok, now I see the current situation of this free web project!
    That explains me everything I always wondered ... Thank you, very much for this!!

  17. @Toby Laravel .

    In the last weeks I tested some forum systems (ElkArte, Codoforum, nodebb, ...) and now also esoTalk.

    esoTalk have awesome features! mentions, notifications, nice and clean design and it's lightning fast! Channels, multi channel search, ui features...

    So I can't believe it... and read it will not be active developed in the future :( What a pity...

    To use a framework like Laravel should be the right way, but will Flarum also lightning fast and similarly user friendly?

    Because of the uncertain future of esoTalk and Flarum I have to think about which forum software I'll use in the near future...

    But @Toby, really great work! EsoTalk is a modern, fast and user friendly forum software. Respect!

  18. Considering that you are starting from the scratch, I think you can start using esoTalk with no fear.
    I guess the switch from esoTalk to Flarum will be smooth.

    There are some little more problems for users like me that come from other platforms (phpBB): migrating all the things (attachments, polls and so on...) needs some work more.

  19. Hello @candyman, I could use esoTalk as forum, but have to integrate it with my custom login (php) and don't know if Flarum is as good as esoTalk (no feature list, preview, performance comparison to esoTalk, demo).

    And at the moment I have to consider some future-proof features like push notifications, live reload, ...
    Compared to php forum software esotalk is lightning fast! NodeBB, a nodejs based forum software, is similar to esoTalk (features like mentions, ui, fast, powerful,...) and reached version 0.5 recently.

  20. Edited 5 years ago by candyman

    @pwFoo don't know if Flarum is as good as esoTalk

    I guess it will be even better.

    I've look at NodeBB: it isn't free, is it? Anyway, at first sight I like esoTalk more.

    If I were you, I'd hire a developer to get an esoTalk custom login plugin that integrate your custom login with the forum one.
    I could participate if the custom plugin would be related to a Textpattern site: I'd like to integrate the esoTalk forum with a Txp site.

  21. Edited 5 years ago by pwFoo

    NodeBB is free, @candyman ;)

    The next generation forum software that's free and easy to use.

    EsoTalk and NodeBB are both great and with pros (diff in ui, cagetory handling, existing plugins, ...). First look I would take esoTalk, but because of some technical features possible with nodejs, NodeBB could be the better choice... maybe... ;)


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