Lightbox for attachments

  1. 5 years ago

    I've created a very simple plugin to show attached images in a lightbox. Plugin is using lightbox from here

    Here is a sample gif to see the plugin in action

  2. works fine, thank you

  3. install instructions please. ty

  4. Edited 5 years ago by deathfortress

    @BaseBoy install instructions please. ty

    How about you use common sense? WWW\addons\plugins and insert folder

  5. Therea no githb. That link goes to some website....couldnt find... zip.,.@deathfortress .
    I know how to do that part

  6. Edited 5 years ago by inliquid

    @mayjames, doesn't work at all - just nothing happens after installation. Tried on windows and debian installations. I see lightbox's js and css files are included in page source, but - nothing ...

    sorryI didn't get that when post is empty - the picture automatically embeded.. it works!

    in fact I've mistaked twice - it's not when you post new message, but when you edit already existing - if it contained [attachment..] and you deleted all contents - the message (with '[attachment...]' embeded) stays unchanged. seems like a bug in esotalk.

  7. Edited 5 years ago by inliquid

    Found some bugs:

    1. If you post a message with images, then you edit it by removing few images and attach some new ones - when you click on it the plugin will display mix of some new, some old removed from the post images (despite the fact it was removed).

    2. This issue is even worst - let's say you continue posting after p.1 - and you click on some new image from the post. The plugin in this case will mix everything - old removed images from OTHER posts, old images from other posts, new images from current post...

    3. If after p.2 you make force reload by pressing Ctrl-F5 (forces to reload everything including cached js +css) the plugin will sequentially display all images from whole page, which I suppose incorrect.

    Good looking plugin but...(((


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