1. 5 years ago
    Edited 5 years ago by inliquid

    Does anyone use any sort of caching or acceleration solutions with esoTalk? For instance APC, xcache? What about database in-memory cache, such as memcached? Anyone tried these?

  2. I am using cloudflare at the moment, with rocketsj caching turned off. Will look at memcached later on.

  3. @Tristan, have you tried APC or eAccelerator with esoTalk?

  4. I run it under php 5.5 so Zend OpCache. Seems to work fine. My prior setup (just migrated last week) used to use XCache. No issues there either.

  5. @MrWonka did you measure any page rendering time, or anything?

  6. @inliquid No, sorry. It's just a default to install an opcode cache in my PHP servers. The way I see it is why wouldn't you?

  7. @MrWonka do you have similar issue:

    Can you please check?


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