How to install on Localhost?

  1. 7 years ago

    I want test esoTalk into 'localhost' first before install to hosting.. Thanks.. :)

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    I have just installed it on localhost and it's working well
    Just unzip the sources on your machine and create a base in your database. Then follow the instructions on the index page.

  3. It's beautiful !

  4. already tested.....

  5. Another test, muttsurini.

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    I know it's, like, two years later but I felt this question deserved a better answer. There are those of you out there who have no idea about hosting a forum and could become valuable additions to the internet! This is for you.

    (While a full tutorial on setting up a personal host is beyond the scope of this post, here are a few pointers..)


    1. Download WAMP

    * Choose the download with PHP 5.4.*


    2. Install WAMP

    • Run the installer you downloaded above
    • Once finished, check that WAMP is running by opening a browser and typing "localhost" into the URL bar. If the WAMP info page shows, it is installed correctly.


    3. Install esoTalk

    • Download the esoTalk package.
    • Unzip the file and rename the unzipped folder to "eso".
    • Move the "eso" folder to C:/wamp/www/.
    • In your browser, visit "localhost/eso".
    • Follow the instructions on screen.

    If you need any other help with installing esoTalk on your localhost, please ask. :)

    I'll leave you with some helpful links:

  7. 4 years ago


    30 Sep 2015


    When i want to install eso in localhost, MySQL username dont accept any entry... By enter Admin or any other word it take error....

    SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Acc�s refus� pour l'utilisateur: 'Admin'@'@localhost' (mot de passe: OUI)

    Please help me...

  8. [deleted]

    1 Oct 2015

    Best try XAMPP server.

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    23 Oct 2015
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