Metro Skin

  1. 5 years ago

    Hello all this is my new Skin called Metro i think it is a massive improvement compared to my other skin called Dark Orange so i hope you guys/girls enjoy :)
    I have replaced my forum skin with this new metro one if you want a live demo go to

  2. This looks really cool. But the demo says server not found :(.

  3. Yeah sorry guys i had an issue with my website dedicated box the site will be back up soon!

  4. Edited 5 years ago by Niuwang

    Nice to see someone's actually playing around with this. I actually intend to do the same, but I want to move around the channel list and what not. Redesign the whole look eventually.

    Update: at the moment I'm currently creating an alternative forum community for a game I play.


    Still have a lot to go. Using a freehosting site to test out things rather than waste disc space on my PC.

  5. Pretty cool man!


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