Upcoming Skin

  1. 5 years ago

    I'm trying to make a cool eso forum skin, and will share it here. Tell me what modifications, color i have to apply.


  2. It looks fine man a really nice skin you made there!

  3. I like this skin too! Maybe add a shade of gray to the "outside" white space so it's easier on the eyes?

  4. Back to the 90s, I see.

  5. I dig the colors of my old windbreakers.

  6. @dreamer I like it! Its a good one!

  7. I really like what you did there. I can suggest you to experiment with these colors -

    The header portion - #E5E5E5
    The BG for the content - #3B3B3B

  8. Take a look my esotalk...
    what do u you think?


  9. Have you solved a problem that tabs are moving to some strange position when you point a mouse on some of them? (It's only when there are too much tabs, so it has to put them on a few new lines)


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