Default RTL Skin

  1. 5 years ago

    Default esoTalk skin is very nice and clean, sadly it doesn't support RTL layouts!

    This is the same skin as the Default one, but with RTL css file appended to the style and Droid Arabic Kufi Web font added to the master instead of Open Sans.


    • Download the zip file and extract its content in addons/skins.
    • Then go to Appearance in administration panel and activate the skin.

    Admin Skin

    The skin by default will be used for front-end only, you can use this skin for admin panel by adding this line to your config/config.php file:

    $config["esoTalk.adminSkin"] = 'DefaultRTL';


    You're welcome to report bug or create a pull request .

    Skin repository on GitHub .

  2. So it's the same look, just the font was changed?

  3. Same look, but with Right to Left layout support, like Arabic, Persian or other languages that requires RTL layouts.

  4. Ok ;)

  5. great...

  6. 4 years ago

    @AAlakkad undefined

    tislam ya ghali thx bro


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