What makes you use esoTalk?

  1. 5 years ago

    I'm curious on what made you start to use, and continue to use esoTalk as your forum software.

    Personally I use it since it reminds me of Google Groups in a way, and it also makes the whole forum system WAY less complex and more user-friendly. Plus the layout and theme is just amazing, everything is so minimalistic but not so simple to where it's boring to the eye.

  2. I like the conversation and private conversation (instead of pm) approach. The Google+ way ;)
    Besides esotalk is lightning fast and have a great mobile useability!

  3. I use it because it's not like phpbb which relays too much on FTP...

  4. I like it for it's simplicity.

  5. Is it really simple though? I mean, people are more used to using classic forums. But I really want to use this for a site that I am making soon. Just studying the software a bit.

  6. Esotalk is a great implementation with a modern approach (public and private conversations, clean look, user friendly ui).
    Esotalk is a great mobile forum experience! :)

  7. simple, pure.

  8. clean and simple.

  9. simple and easy to use

  10. 4 years ago


    2 Mar 2015

    Yes, it is simple, fast, completely user-friendly and probably it is really good for SEO in you tweak it a little.
    And what I prefer most is the "replies speech bubble style"!

  11. Edited 4 years ago by Thirtysixway

    Here's a little bit of history with me and the project :)

    I found esoTalk in January 2009 through a post on the ubuntu forums created by Toby. I started out mostly testing it and reporting bugs. Next I began working on a few plugins. I liked the clean design and fresh approach, breaking away from traditional topic/thread model seen in most forum software. Here's the esoTalk I originally started with https://vimeo.com/2867330

    At one point I started a web service myesotalk (dot) com and created a system to allow free esoTalk hosting. I was using a custom written management system and modified esoTalk installation to host multi-site installs similar to Drupal or Wordpress. It actually worked pretty well, though it was probably very hacky code :) it was never open to the public. Due to esoTalk being rewritten at the time, I stopped working on the free hosting solution, and have since let the domain expire.

    In 2011 I did a presentation/demo of esoTalk to the linux users group at my school. Here's a link to that presentation .

    So I was a "developer" of esoTalk but mostly bug fixes or testing, not as much feature work. I've always been a fan of the software because it was a different approach to forums, and the community around it has been great. I haven't been as involved the last few years being away at school and whatnot, but I'm planning on continuing community support of esoTalk and supporting Flarum when that's released.

    I should also note that I don't really have a website to use a forum on anymore... but I still enjoy helping out where I can so others with communities can use great software.

  12. [deleted]

    3 Mar 2015

    Simple and user friendly!
    It's light and intelligent.
    nice job!
    thanks to programmers :)

  13. The feeling of simple is what esotalk has and that's why i love it.


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