Problem with search

  1. 5 years ago

    Search does not search for these words

  2. Looks like you're right...

    Search results are different with the following to search strings


    Second one works how expected...

  3. Toby

    8 Oct 2014 Administrator

    Works as intended. The hyphen (-) is a special symbol which negates a gambit. So searching for link-external is really searching for any posts that contain the word "link" and do NOT contain the word "external".

  4. Hi @Toby ,
    but the "-" also combines two words.
    Maybe the NOT should be start with a space?

    link-external // search as string, "-" used as word connector
    link -external // use as NOT contain because it isn't a word connector
  5. I agree with @pwFoo. They way it works currently should be changed. The space before the hyphen is key.


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