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    I'm setting up a website, and I need to integrate statistics into my member's profile pages. All the users stats are saved in a directory, and I can easily access them.
    The statistics are saved under the member's profile name, not their memberID. Unfortunately, I can't change how they are saved, as it would involve me manually changing 12,000+ statistics. Not fun.
    So, I was thinking, is there a way I could have the URL to a member like:<name> rather than

    Also, how can I make the ranks noticeable.
    For example, -image- , this forum uses esoTalk, and they have only made CSS edits apparently, where can I find the file to make these edits?
    - James

  2. You make those edits through the custom.css
    as far as the URL goes, I'm not too sure..

  3. Hey Jpj1999,

    Are you looking to change the way all esoTalk profile links are setup? Or are you just looking to add the ability to also reference by username?

  4. To add some detail to the custom.css. You can find these in the config folder. I kinda used the same CSS for the effect seen above,

    .group .group-administrator { 
    	display: table-cell;
    	border-radius: 5px;
    	background: #CC0000;
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    @Jpj1999 you can also do<usernamehere> and it will redirect to the correct profile link if that helps



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