Custom php page integration

  1. 4 years ago


    is there a plugin / example how to create a custom php page (pages based on a php framework) inside Esotalk?

    I'm searching for solutions to

    1. add a link or dropdown menu to the ET topbar (call a custom php page inside ET, maybe with url params)
    2. get a custom php page working as ET page.

    3) check current users loggedin and groupmember status

    4) optional modify / extend the footer line (at the moment "Go to top", users online, "powered by esoTalk") and make it sticky at bottom

    So it could be possible to integrate a website into ET also with ajax notifications, users, login, ...). I think it's simpler as integrate the ET features (ajax notifications, login, register, ...) into a website outside of the ET forum.

    Maybe someone finished some of this points and I could use it or take a look at example code?



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