How to tie into the notification system?

  1. 4 years ago

    The code is a little over my head. I am trying to understand the best way to tie into the API system. The only way I figured it out is to insert a trigger event into the core code. I don't understand how the variables get passed through to the handler. I tried inserting my own variable as a test and it contains content from another variable. I am trying to build a plugin and have a rough skeleton going, but this part is a roadblock for me. Also, I would rather not have to insert a new trigger notification, so if anyone knows a better way with the existing codebase, please let me know.

    Here is the link I am using:

    $this->trigger("remoteNotification", array($testVar)); 
    public function handler_activityModel_remoteNotification($testVar)
  2. What are you trying to do? If you're just trying to add a notification there's support for that

    If you're trying to hook into it in order to modify/override something with the notification itself, yeah you may need to do some manual work. We always welcome pull requests on github :)

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    @Thirtysixway, I am trying to add push notifications using a third party API. Basically it would function like sending an email. I am stumped on how to hook in properly. I have something sort of working based on the SMTP plugin now, but I am getting phpmailer errors and it's a little hackish since I have to scrub the message for the URL to send from the email template, etc. I would like to be able to add the notification like the others so that they comply with the rest of the system.

  4. I figured out the phpmailer error was unrelated and is probably my php config. The code I have works fine on a remote host.

    So I'm wondering if I hook into the sendemailbefore trigger, can I somehow get the URL to the new post as a defined entity? Scrubbing the email template with regex may not always be reliable.

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    To revisit what I said earlier:

    @19eighties Here is the link I am using:

    $this->trigger("remoteNotification", array($testVar)); 
    public function handler_activityModel_remoteNotification($testVar)

    I'd like to be able to pass the $member, $item and $activity variables to the "remoteNotification" handler in the plugin script. However, ideally I would not need to add a trigger into the core code since it is a manual edit. I would also need to get the user's preference to check if they enabled push notifications. The other option I found that kind of works is the built-in "sendEmailBefore" trigger, but I would also need the $item variable and perhaps $member and $activity.

  6. Toby

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    This should do the trick: f1fbacd

    Now you can implement something like:

    public function handler_activityModel_sendNotification($sender, $activity, $member)
        if (!empty($member["preferences"]["push.".$activity["type"]])) {
            // do your thing here, all info you need should be in $activity and $member
  7. @Toby , thanks for the response. I tried inserting a trigger almost identical to that one (different name) in that location and nothing would happen. Then I moved it to the spot above the email code section and it worked. I think I still could not pass variable through to the handler in the plugin even after moving the trigger. I'll try again and report back. :)

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    @Toby, I tried it, so I noticed I did not include $sender in the handler function, and including $sender made $activity and $member available. Why does $sender have that effect?

    I just realized my mail send issue on my localhost is probably what is preventing the trigger from executing where you placed it and where I had it earlier, so now that issue makes sense.

  9. Toby

    4 Jun 2015 Administrator

    The first parameter passed to event listeners is always the sender of the event, so in this case it will be the instance of the ETActivityModel class.


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