Banned spam emails list in ETUserController.class.php (Spam Prevention)

  1. 4 years ago


    19 May 2015

    Hi there, we were discussing the spam issue here and I posted there my list of banned emails for others who need it, so now I decided to open a new discussion just to post it here in order to make it more simple for new users to find it in case of need.

    If you want to ban some spam emails (I have admin approval for new registrations on esoTalk) you have to open your file ETUserController.class.php located at public_html/forumroot/core/controllers/. Then, after line 205 you can add this code:

    Do you need to ban another spam email? Just add this code to the list:

    case "[email protected]":
    $this->renderMessage(T("Error"), T("message.invalidEmail"));

    I'm sure there is a simple PHP method for doing this, instead of creating this long list... but for now I'm fine with it. If someone would help posting a simple PHP solution, just do it! :)
    Hope this helps! Edit: I had to use an external service to add the list, as this forum has a max character limit for posts!


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