Problem with putting the unread posts

  1. 4 years ago


    17 Sep 2015

    Hello, I added the following in list.php thinking to display unread posts in the index, but it does not. What is wrong? This is the code that you put in list.php

    <?php echo "<span>".Ts("%s reply", "%s replies", $conversation["replies"])."</span>";
    // Output an "unread indicator", showing the number of unread posts.
    if (ET::$session->user and $conversation["unread"])
    	echo " <a href='".URL("conversation/markAsRead/".$conversation["conversationId"]."?token=".ET::$session->token."&return=".urlencode(ET::$controller->selfURL))."' class='unreadIndicator' title='".T("Mark as read")."'>".Ts("%s new", "%s news", $conversation["unread"])."</a> ";
  2. [deleted]

    17 Sep 2015


  3. Is it throwing an error?

  4. [deleted]

    10 Dec 2015

    hello @optusru , have you done it ? i want to make this on my forum.


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