How can i Nofollow time links?!

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    1 Dec 2015

    i want made a internal link to nofollow!

    in posts , you can see a time that user when posted this post . ok? and this time have link and clickable .

    but this link is not good for SEO ! because it create a link with duplicate content from prime post .(look at the attached file)

    So, i want put rel="nofollow" in this links .

    how can i do this ? thanks .

  2. [deleted]

    1 Dec 2015

    Hi @masih1994, thanks for pointing this out.

    Unfortunately to fix this you'll need to modify this line yourself:

    A quick search for "time" on the repository turned up several other link locations you might want to change, for example:

    I didn't comb through all the search results to see where else this might be located. Let me know if you find any more locations where this should be changed and I'll look into them.

  3. [deleted]

    2 Dec 2015

    Hoh Thanks .

    in : core/controllers/ETConversationController.class.php
    line : 1282

    you see this code :

    	// Add the date/time to the post info as a permalink.
    	$formatted["info"][] = "<a href='".URL(postURL($post["postId"]))."' class='time' rel='nofollow' title='".strftime(T("date.full"), $post["time"])."'>".(!empty($conversation["searching"]) ? T("Show in context") : $date)."</a>";

    and in above code i insert NOFOLLOW. i suggest to anybody to make this links to nofollow . this better for your site's SEO .

    have a good time .

  4. Added this issue to github

  5. nofollow could also be added to the top registration links.

  6. Edited 4 years ago by Tech

    From :
    strftime is used several times in esotalk files and i seem to be getting loads of fatal errors runing windows server 2003 ??

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function _strftime() in core\controllers\ETConversationController.class.php on line 1305

    Any suggestions?

  7. @Tech I am not familiar with that server, sounds old though. You should open a new topic instead of posting here though, since your question does not seem relevant to this thread.

  8. Edited 4 years ago by Tech

    @19eighties Added this issue to github

    nofollow time links code to this thread from github that you pulled above i started getting the error after replacing the above code today with yours.

  9. OK, now I understand... I do not see how adding the nofollow would throw that error. Did you add it manually or download a package from github? I would double check the entry or revert back to the original, you could have a typo.

  10. Edited 4 years ago by Tech

    i added the code by copy and paste

  11. @Tech i added the code by copy and paste

    It would be better to just replace the whole file, copying and pasting can cause it's own problems.


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