Adsense Plugin

  1. 4 years ago


    18 Jan 2016

    I will put adsense ads , is there a plugin that can put ads code ?

  2. Try taking a look at this;

    It's a little code heavy in terms of it not being a plugin, but rather core edits. It goes over the basic addition of having the plugin in the discussion view, although using the same methods you can add adsense code almost anywhere on your forum.

  3. [deleted]

    25 Jan 2016

    thanks @KnownSyntax , it's only the main page, if to put on each page post how?

  4. That link goes over how to put it in every discussion post, to put it on the main page is different.

  5. [deleted]

    26 Jan 2016

    yes may be able to put the code on a page post so later will automatically appear on every post, but what about where to put the code.


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