Changing the EsoTalk's default language...

  1. 4 years ago


    20 Jan 2016

    I want to build a package of EsoTalk to make the default language of EsoTalk ( English ) to one of translation files...
    I mean I want when I enter the EsoTalk's main page directory and I enter it, The installer load in Persian language and also when I finished the installation process, the Index page (index.php) load in Persian.
    I have tried to do this too much but I was always unsuccessful...
    I will so glad someone help me do that.
    Regards, Mohsen

  2. [deleted]

    26 Jan 2016

    Anybody can help me?
    I need to apply the bellow settings in my EsoTalk too, Nobody can answer my questions?

    1. Make the EsoTalk fully utf-8
    2. Change EsoTalk's date type ( Gregorian dates to Jalali date ), I mean I want to know what file(s) are the source of dating? ( the files containing dating functions )

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