how make one topic have multiple categories / channel

  1. 3 years ago


    7 Mar 2016

    I use eso talk forum for my website, but i have a problem. how i make a topic have multiple channel or categories. example i have a topic "instal" then two channel / categories with name "pro" and "lite". I want my topic ( install ) display to both categories ( pro and lite ) when user click one of them.please answer my question


  2. Are you talking about sub-channels? if so you're able to drag n' drop channels in the admin panel.



    As for having multiple channels for one topic this is impossible for esoTalk.


    & another
    aren't able to get one another's posts tho both of their posts are viewable from >Channel & their own Sub-Channel. As for anyone that will recommend core editing, I don't advise you to do so as it could cause unknown issues. I'd suggest you wait for Flarum to be completed for their Tags extension. :)


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