Can't start a conversation properly

  1. 3 years ago


    11 Apr 2016

    I changed my host. So, some of my problems solved but I have some new problems. For example, when I try to start a new conversation It wait couple of seconds and stuck on the same windows. When I go back to main page I see that It acatually sent the post but It stuck on the new conversation screen. When you try to click start conversation again it says that you can't post again in a 10 seconds. So If I wait 10 seconds it starts the same conversation again.

    Version: g5

  2. [deleted]

    11 Apr 2016

    @Felli Can you check this out please.

  3. I'd suggest that after you've checked the main page that you close the other tab to keep this from happening for the moment. Fireside has somewhat of this issue as well, which is being dealt with accordingly. ^^

  4. [deleted]

    11 Apr 2016

    Maybe that was the problem but it solved :)


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