Forum Spam

  1. 3 years ago


    13 Apr 2016
    Deleted 3 years ago by 19eighties
  2. @19eighties Hungry for some spam?

  3. [deleted]

    13 Apr 2016

    @Felli Why reCaptcha can't prevent this?

  4. @casperas the reCaptcha doesn't work to 100% what it should, the same thing with most of the spam provention plugins, so regardless of what you do you'll have spam attacks like this on esoTalk. XD

  5. @Felli yeah, just cleaned up a bunch. It is too bad there is not a mass delete and suspend feature here. Hopefully Flarum will have one. I also wonder if using a service like Cloudflare would help.

  6. CloudFlare helps a TON, so does using the following plugins all together;

    Akismet, Honeypot, reCAPTCHA, and lastly StopForumSpam.

    I've found STS/Akismet to give a few false positives, but overall have had zero spam on my forum thus far (with CloudFlare showing me a lot of threats it detected).


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