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    14 Apr 2013 Administrator
    Edited 6 years ago by Toby

    I've just committed a preliminary version of the long-awaited Attachments plugin to the code repository. You need the latest version of the esoTalk code in the repository to use it — to demonstrate, I've attached a zip of it to this post!

    This is not ready for production use; it has been through minimal testing. Please grab a copy and find/report any bugs and security holes on the Issues page .

    Of course, there are many features which have not yet been implemented such as drag-and-drop and embedding attachments within post content. But it's a start!

    Happy attaching!

  2. Great feature! Hope it will be implemented so when members upload image attachments they will be able to insert that image instantly to the post.

    Btw, I really appreciate your work.

    Thanks from Vietnam :)

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    is there any changes i need to make????
    i installed recent version of esotalk which came with attachment plugin which i enabled it...
    but i get "Error uploading "logo.jpg": undefined."
    i have php 5.4.3 btw...

    i was able to find that it uploads then it seems unable to add as attachment..(this i tested by attaching large size file)...
    pls let me know if any corrections is involved....

  5. Edited 6 years ago by trev

    The attachment's plugin does not work on nginx. I think it has something to do with the rewrite. The file uploads, but it will not download, I keep getting a 404 not found error. For example;

    I'm not sure how I should go about fixing this.

  6. Great job @Toby.... I'm waiting for embedding attachments within post content....

  7. Amazing! But have some bugs (about deleting and remove attachment files). Hope we can see soon new version with embedding files (ex. pictures) within post content. Thanks!

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    Can't attach the picture file?

  9. Toby

    26 Feb 2014 Administrator

    Preliminary Attachment embedding and previewing in the develop branch. Tweaking to come!

  10. Hi Toby! nice forum u have. I just create my own forum using esotalk, cannot wait to attach the picture file plugin. :D

  11. Hey Toby,
    I like your forum very much. Thats why I've decided to fork it and developed some enhancements and a fancybox integration plugin. Iam new on github and I have no idia how to get it back to your repo. So I've made a pull request. I hope that was the right way :-/ . If not, please feel free to contact me.

    Kind regard ...

  12. Edited 5 years ago by Tristan

    @Toby I have fixed the plugin so removing attachments is now working as well. See my commit here (and here for a tiny mistake)

    Note: There is still a bug where the attachment will not be deleted from filesystem if it has not been written to the database yet. (reproduce by: edit post -> add attachment -> remove attachment without saving the reply) This is due the following code part:

    $attachment = $model->getById($attachmentId);
    // Make sure the user has permission to edit this post.
    $permission = false;
    if (!empty($attachment[0]["postId"])) {
        $post = ET::postModel()->getById($attachment[0]["postId"]);
        $conversation = ET::conversationModel()->getById($post["conversationId"]);
        $permission = ET::postModel()->canEditPost($post, $conversation);
    else {
        $permission = ET::$session->userId == $attachment[0]["draftMemberId"];
    if (!$permission) {
        $this->renderMessage(T("Error"), T("message.noPermission"));
    return false;

    The problem is that since the attachment has yet to be written to the database the following part will return null.

    $attachment = $model->getById($attachmentId);

    and therefor you will hit

     if (!$permission)

    I could not find a quick solution to fix that part. Maybe you can look into it?

  13. Toby

    24 Mar 2014 Administrator

    Please open an issue on GitHub and I'll take a look!

  14. @Toby Please open an issue on GitHub and I'll take a look!

    You got it!

  15. is there any updates about this plugin? my forum member always ask how to put image on the forum. photobucket etc is not so efficient these day. :/

  16. Edited 5 years ago by Tristan

    Yes, I have fixed it in my development repo and attachments are fully functional. I have some questions about attachment handling posted here .

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