esoTalk 1.0.0g2 Released

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  3. Thanks for your work.

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  6. @Trace Yeah, great. I am waiting for "bigger" version of eT which will use Laravel FW.

    How long to wait for this version ???

  7. This is nice forum

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    14 Oct 2012
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  9. Read the first post :-p
    Dev is on hold by Toby but fixes are being made by other people on github.

    hi my name is MFM , your forum is very nice and i will use it in my own website
    thanks alot

  10. soooooooooo nice!

  11. eso vc seo

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  14. When will the final release of the first version of the esoTalk forums software come out? I'm waiting it since 2011!

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  17. When will the golden software come out?
    It's a year I'm waiting for it!

  18. ThankYou.

  19. I'm sad to say, but I fear that this is a lost project. It's aim'ed towards the right direction, but without any development, it will die off. There are already many forums out there that are doing pretty well now. Xenforo, vBulletin 5.0 (finally), Invision Power Board (IPB), Discourse.

    No active development or at least something per week will give hope, but not many people care for projects that are actively being developed one year, then down for some more years, then try to make a comeback a few more later. It just doesn't work that way, but with that said, good luck, but its failed with no contributors, no active support with an exception of very few people here.

  20. Toby

    19 Jul 2013 Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback @trev. Fortunately, esoTalk is still being actively developed! It is being sponsored by Xojo, Inc. who are using it for their support forum. Development has been slow in the past month because I have had exams, but expect it to pick up in the next couple of weeks.

    Beyond this sponsorship, new infrastructure, documentation, and a redesigned brand is in the works. It is a slow process for just one person, but I believe once I can get it over the line and release a stable version, the community and product will flourish.

  21. love this forum, thanks very much!


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