Upgrade Script: 1.0.0b2 to 1.0.0g2

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    21 Jan 2012 Administrator
    Edited 7 years ago by Toby

    I whipped up this upgrade script so you can upgrade from the "old" esoTalk to the "new" esoTalk.

    It should work fine, but I have not thoroughly tested it. If you encounter any problems, please post in this conversation and we'll try and help you out.


    1. Make sure your old esoTalk installation is fully upgraded to beta 2 .
    2. Create a new MySQL database.
    3. Install a new copy of gamma in a different folder. Go through the installation process so your forum is all set up. Install into the fresh MySQL database you just created.
    4. Download the upgrade script: https://github.com/downloads/esotalk/esoTalk/upgrade-b2-g2.zip
    5. Upload it to a new folder on your server. Open up index.php in a text editor and edit the config variables for your MySQL connection and the old/new databases and table prefixes.
    6. Load the upgrade script index.php in your browser. The upgrade script will run. It may take a while, depending on how much data is in your forum.
    7. Copy avatars from your beta folder (avatars/) to your gamma folder (uploads/avatars/).
    8. Load up your gamma installation in your browser. Hopefully all the data should have transferred over!

    Limitations/Known Issues

    • All users will have to reset their password using the Forgot Password process. This is because the password encryption method changed between beta/gamma.
    • Some complex formatting (nested quotes/lists) may not be converted correctly.
  2. good job, good luck in promoting

  3. ram

    27 Jan 2012 Moderator
    Edited 7 years ago by ram


    This script works great. But I have an issue with the charset. All my posts are messed up with things like séries .
    Double encoding I guess. I'm trying to fix this.

    FYI, over 15000 post correctly handled :-)

  4. Toby

    30 Jan 2012 Administrator

    Good to hear, ram! Did you have any luck fixing the charset issue?

  5. ram

    30 Jan 2012 Moderator
    Edited 7 years ago by ram

    I have changed line 70 to add utf8_decode

    query("UPDATE {$new_prefix}conversation SET title='".mysql_real_escape_string(desanitize(utf8_decode($conversation["title"])))."' WHERE conversationId={$conversation["conversationId"]}");

    and line 87

    query("UPDATE {$new_prefix}post SET title='".mysql_real_escape_string(desanitize($post["title"]))."', content='".mysql_real_escape_string(utf8_decode ($content))."' WHERE postId={$post["postId"]}");

    in index.php from your script


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