@mentions bug?

  1. 6 years ago
    Edited 6 years ago by RIscRIpt

    I've just tested @ mentions, and found out that there is a little bug:
    When you try to mention someone, the list of members doesn't display users' avatar.
    I've fixed it this way:

    ->select("memberId AS id")

    Replaced with


    Because function "avatar" in functions.render.php:102 checks for memberId, not just id

  2. To see it in action, try mentioning me or @RIscRIpt and you won't see our real avatars.

  3. If the avatar is set via Gravatar it works, I believe. (at least, it does on my forum)

  4. @katos you done with Ezra Hub ? And can we see your forum ?


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