TinyURL & Conversation Statuses

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    Quite a niece plugin here, but may be useful for some. When enabled you will see a chain icon when hovering over each message. Clicking on this icon will generate a TinyURL permalink to that message, and display it in the bottom left for you to copy.

    Conversation Statuses

    This will display a new drop-down menu above "Controls" on conversations for moderators & administrators. It will allow them to select a status for the conversation. The options are:

    • No Status
    • Added
    • Considered
    • Rejected
    • Fixed
    • In Progress
    • Not Bug
    • High Priority
    • Low Priority

    This plugin adds a column to the conversations table in the database called "status". I haven't conducted much security testing on this plugin so I wouldn't recommend it for production just yet, but go mental changing those statuses in product if you're really adventurous.

    29/03/2014 - moved to the plugin repository here

    First few plugins I've written - I hope they're not too crap. If we had hypothetical wine glasses I'd be raising a toast to the future of many more. :)

  2. Awsome! Great effort dude! Can you make some thing like facebook login too ?
    People are not much willing to signup for every site. :(

    Secondly one more thing can u help me with this
    Whenever i login it taked me to PAGE NOT FOUND http://example.com/forum/index.php//index.php/ shows index.php twice.

  3. nice, very nice. thank you kindly

  4. 5 years ago

    Hi @TheStripyScarf In regards of the TinyURL plugin, isn't that just the same functionality as hovering over the timestamp of each post? You can get the post link through there, like http://esotalk.org/forum/conversation/post/2140

  5. It's intended to generate a tiny url which is desirable for use in social media, instead of having a full URL.

    Currently it depends upon a 3rd party service which is usually temperamental, hence why it's usually broken. I'm intending to get an alternative working soon. :)

  6. Just updated the plugin

    • Uses to.ly API which is far more reliable
    • Generates a message to let you know it's working on fetching the link
    • Corrected author details


  7. @TheStripyScarf Cool! I will add it to the plugins repository but the new link is where? ;)

  8. The ZIP is in the first post C:

  9. @TheStripyScarf The ZIP is in the first post C:

    Is that the adjusted version?

  10. Yep!
    I'll push it myself to a new repository.

    EDIT: Can't do - insufficient perms.

  11. Edited 5 years ago by Tristan

    Let me fix that. You should now have the permissions. I have added the plugin to the repo already and made 2 little adjustments. Hope you don't mind ;) One is the array order for the button so it will be added next to the other edit post buttons and the other is the description.

  12. Sure! Awesome! :)

  13. About Conversation Statuses.
    Not work correctly deleting labels.
    How fix this?

  14. @AfterLife Please submit an issue here and provide a better screenshot of the issue.

  15. @TheStripyScarf Could you please create a repo for TinyURL so I can fork it correctly and submit my changes needed for the upcoming esoTalk 1.0.0g4?

  16. @TheStripyScarf burp!

  17. Ah sorry, everything has pretty much taken a stand still until I come out of exam season.
    24th June is my final one on some kind of data statistics nonsense. From now until then, do whatever you feel necessary and don't wait up for me. I'll catch up in the few minutes of spare time and after the 24th June. :)

  18. Edited 5 years ago by Tristan

    Roger that. Oh and good luck on your exams!

  19. In my first paper I drew a dragon battling Professor Winston.

    I'm gonna ace these.


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