Creative Uses Of esoTalk

  1. 6 years ago
    Edited 6 years ago by MikeX

    hello there !
    Hey Toby ! Thanks :) Awesome Forum Man ! It is faster than 99% of website on the internet :D
    I'm using esoTalk To Archive and Manage My programming and other cool stuff, it's like a Show-Case
    I was gonna make something similar to esoTalk, but not a forum though, glad i found it, saved my many hours :D
    Here's how i'm using it : www.MikeX....
    P.S : don't use back button of browser instead use one shown at left-top corner

    Anyone else using esoTalk differently :P
    Share your ideas, Comments.
    Have a nice Day !!!

  2. Mike Can u please tell me how to add BLOG link in header bar ?

  3. Edited 6 years ago by MikeX

    yes sure, why not RedBook :P
    go to Core -> Views - > default.master.php, Line No : 53
    sample : <li class="item-join"><a href="your blog link" class="link-join"> My Blog</a></li>
    Have Fun !

  4. I've been experimenting with both esoTalk and Vanilla Forums simotaneously. Funny because I searched high and low for this solution in all of the noisy vanilla forums for my vanilla experiment but found a bunch of disinformation and left their community empty handed. I came back to esoTalk to see if I could accomplish this easily with my esoTalk forum and found this very simple yet perfect solution to link back to my homepage from esoTalk forum. lol..

    I would like to say that having smart people to support esoTalk in the community will make it a success just as much as the code itself.

    Thanks and Good job MikeX!!!


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