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  1. 6 years ago

    Hi guys,

    i'm new to esoTalk and thought it would be cool if you can have reflected avatars in esoTalk.
    So i made a plugin called Avatar Reflection and share it with you, you find it here on github .

    It uses Reflection.js for jQuery , so it works on all modern browsers and also on the mobile design from esoTalk.

  2. 5 years ago

    What's the fix for the current version of Esotalk?

  3. Hello @Niuwang, thank you for using this plugin. I've just fixed it, now it works with the latest esotalk version. Just download it from the github link above.

  4. Edited 5 years ago by inliquid

    @ciruz how does it work, I installed but ...


  5. @inliquid ok on g4? What browser (+ version) are you using ?

  6. I don't really understand what to expect, I see only that in profile avatar became squared and in forum it now has strange form:


  7. oh wow damn border-radius, thanks. it's not possible to reflect an round image with the same border-radius but on just 1/3 of the original images height (reflection size), so i removed the border-radius. they images are square now. if you see no reflection i need to know which browser you are using.

  8. Firefox latest version.

  9. i tested it now in the latest ff version, it works for me now. thanks @inliquid, can you please update it again (github).

  10. Sorry maybe stupid question, but how do these reflections look like? :) Really I just don't know what to look at... it's now squared, but avatar a just little thinner.

  11. it should look like this (again) :)


  12. Edited 5 years ago by inliquid

    Wow, no actually I have this:


  13. hmmm do you have an example link for me?!

  14. It's on my home installation on OpenServer.


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