Google Analytics

  1. 6 years ago

    Hi guys,

    i know there is another cool plugin around to do this job called abLinks .
    But maybe you just want Google Analytics, nothing more and nothing less.

    Of course you find it on github .

  2. 5 years ago

    The version on github doesn't work in esotalk 1.0.0g4 due to changes in the plugin api. I've modified it a bit, and now the plugin works correctly for the latest esotalk version.

  3. Hi @mayjames, thanks for your modification.
    Maybe you can submit your changes in the github repository . I'll review my other plugins as soon as i can.

  4. Edited 5 years ago by ciruz

    Hi guys, i modified the plugin and commited the changes from @mayjames to the github repository, it works now with the latest version (g4). The plugin uses now the new Google Analytics Universal Code . Please check your Analytics Settings too, maybe you must upgrade your account to work with Universal Analytics.

    find it on github .


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