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  1. 6 years ago

    Hi everyone
    Wouldn't it be a nice idea to showcase all your websites ? Let others see how you designed it ...

  2. hmmmm its a good idea

  3. @laalkitaab kick start it!

  4. @ebuka24 i dont understand what you mean brother ?

  5. I think he means, showcase your forum first .

  6. Let it be.

  7. @Garfield I had a design in my mind a specific color scheme! You have the same thing!
    Very beautiful, neat, well presented and awesome work man! I wish I could code! But unfortunately I am not a programmer/coder! Other wise I would have made something like you have!

  8. @laalkitaab, glad you like it! In fact, there are a lot of changes under the hood, so I'm a bit afraid of big updates. Sometimes I feel like something's missing, I just have to figure out what is it and change/add it.

  9. Edited 6 years ago by laalkitaab

    Dont you have a demo site to implement all the changes on that and test whether they work or not ?
    Moreover how about a Logo ?

    And would you like to share the changes that you made with us ?

  10. Edited 6 years ago by bitikas

    I have private forum so image looks like this:

  11. Edited 6 years ago by pmache

    Mine: ravebox - English forum on polish domain, however i'm planning move to .eu or .com, maby with different name.

    The idea of this place is to talk, share ideas, collaborate around code (and hardware) related stuff, for modders, developers, hackers, designers, engineers...

    I have a lot of work... I want to add some additional features, for example - featured projects page (projects would have their own place to demonstrate - just like the kickstarter ones), so forum/site is in development.

  12. @pmache you've posted https link that doesn't work. (http works)

  13. thanks, changed.

  14. Edited 6 years ago by laalkitaab

    Check this guys
    Header which expands to show links when a button is clicked, and remains hidden otherwise.
    Plus Facebook,Twitter and Google Authentication.
    The Good thing is that this Facebook login code is available on github,
    Thanks to this forum owner.
    However am not sure about this header

  15. @laalkitaab

    The Good thing is that this Facebook login code is available on github

    ??? i see no code, the discussion not working do you have any other links?

  16. Here is the Git

  17. 5 years ago

    Beautiful work done by this guy ! A beautiful implementation of esoTalk indeed

  18. It's okay, but the fact that it has no back-link to esoTalk is disappointing.

  19. I laughed.

  20. Toby

    1 May 2014 Administrator

    I always wonder why people feel the need to remove references to esoTalk. There's no shame in using someone else's software.

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