Persian Translation and RTL

  1. 6 years ago

    I am trying to translation and change the esoTalk to support RTL;
    what are the list of files to tweak to support RTL?
    what files I need to translate?
    Thank you

  2. any answers? any admin here?

  3. Edited 6 years ago by bitikas

    What is the meaning of RTL to translate the esotalk is filepath:
    And if there is nothing to translate put it in to the array

    $definitions["Word to translate"] = "you translation words...";
    $definitions["Word to translate2"] = "you translation words...2";
  4. hello bitikas;
    RTL means Right to left or r2l. Some languages like persian or arabic are written from right to left.

  5. Ok, smarter, tnks :D


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