Integrating the user database with your custom built website

  1. 5 years ago

    I was wondering that would there be any way by which we can integrate our already established userbase with esoTalk? It would be really great and helpful for already established websites who are looking for such a solution!

  2. What is this? A request? A statement? I don't even...

    Like we're able to figure out which forum engine you're willing to migrate from.

  3. I have similar task. I have to integrate current Django userbase with esotalk forum. And I don't know how to do that :)

  4. It sounds to me like s/he is looking for a way to use esoTalk with his currently existing user base.

    I actually have the same question, but am working on a (very simplistic) solution to it in the form of a plugin. As/when I get it working, I'll release it.


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