phpBB to esoTalk migration script

  1. 5 years ago
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    This should help you to get started <(^.^)>

  2. Nice work! It works with phpBB3 only?

  3. It should work as long as you setup all of the cfgs correctly.
    What it does is transfers users, topics and posts.

  4. I believe there is an issue that when you edit a post and add a mention it doesn't register correctly (i.e mentioned person doesn't receive a notification), that is why I'm making a separate post.

    @candyman I have an old phpBB2 forum that I'm going to open again (after three years of stop) and I was migrating it to Vanilla2 but, if esoTalk is still a real option, I'd prefer it.

    @candyman I believe you should be interested in this.

  5. Can't download that attachment? ): Says "File not found."

  6. File isn't downloading. :(

  7. Cannot download - any chance of reposting this? thanks.

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  9. Oh what a naisu guy.

  10. It is a pity that there is no script for FluxBB :)


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