How can i set session var in signup page ?

  1. 5 years ago

    I am building my own captcha system for my website,
    But captcha need to save a session var,
    How can i read session var in login page ?
    When i tried $_SESSION['captcha'], it is blank !
    But when i check outsite of esotalk script, it was set !
    Thank you,

  2. @Toby @Tristan can you please help me out ?

  3. If you wait a little longer, I have almost completed the reCAPTCHA plugin myself. One little bug left todo.

  4. I am integrating jquery captcha into esotalk, but it is very hard to read session.
    reCaptcha does need session, but it has to connect outside to check !
    I use this:

  5. Edited 5 years ago by Tristan

    @Picos Check out the docs about sessions

  6. seem this docs does not help much,
    I set session var in a php script(not in esotalk)
    Now, I can not use this session var in esotalk script !
    So how can i do this ?
    session docs guidelines for plugins(which is a part of esotalk) only !
    Is there any solution here ?

  7. Hey,
    I found solution for this :)
    It works now, you can see my jquery captcha here:
    hehee, very nice :)

  8. @Picos Looking good. Could you create a plugin for it?

  9. In fact, this is not a plugins
    It is impossible to create a stand alone plugin like this without fixing the code,
    I will write a guidelines for this captcha,
    Need to fix more code to make it works,

  10. @Picos Creating a plugin from it should be possible. If you can write a guideline of it I can take a look, or better, if you can commit your changes to a GitHub fork I can browse the commit.

  11. I have finished the reCAPTCHA plugin


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