mobile not showing logo

  1. 5 years ago


    13 May 2014

    mobile not showing logo, still text. cache issue? admin is set to show logo. mobile refreshing still showing old title page text.

  2. Toby

    13 May 2014 Administrator

    That's intended behaviour. The mobile skin is meant to be simple and clutter-free, and putting an image in the header would make it too tall.

  3. [deleted]

    13 May 2014


  4. Toby

    14 May 2014 Administrator

    I guess you'd have to clone the Default skin, add it in to mobile.master.php, and then set that as your mobile skin.

  5. Edited 5 years ago by Tech

    Why is it that mobile is still NOT showing different categories & content like it is on a regular PC, can we have an update or fix on this asap this is the NEW TECH World where everyone is using mobiles, just saying!

    Thank You


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